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FaceR MobileID
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FaceR MobileID by Animetrics has made the face biometric mobile, convenient and practical. FaceR MobileID was developed to address the unique needs of law enforcement, private security, Homeland Security, Civil Defense and military personnel. Utilizing off-the-shelf smartphone mobile devices or rugged hand-held devices, FaceR MobileID enables users to take a picture which is then transferred wirelessly to the proprietary Animetrics Watch system, FIMS. The application and user interface can be customized to provide a more detailed description of who they are identifying and its relevance. Since all Animetrics applications are web-enabled, FaceR MobileID can also serve as a gateway to the IP camera-based Animetrics FaceR VideoID.

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The Animetrics FaceR MobileID is an ideal solution for law enforcement, private security, Homeland Security, Civil Defense and military personnel. In addition, the FaceR MobileID platform can be viewed as a mobile identification and verification solution for remote and field personnel.FaceR MobileID is an identification and verification platform that leverages cloud computing, security-as-a-service
and facial recognition through Animetrics Patented 2D-3D FACEngineŽ Technology.
Any organization that has the need to actively or passively identify a person and provide verification that the person is who they say they are can benefit from FaceR MobileID. Currently FaceR MobileID is actively being used in law enforcement, the military and in the security industry. Additionally, FaceR MobileID can be seamlessly integrated with the CredentialME solution to provide both an authentication, and an identification platform.
What are the feature and functionality?
  1. Easy-to-use identification & verification platform for remote and field personnel
  2. Leverages existing photo databases or new galleries can be created
  3. Can be customized to meet needs of linking additional information to identified photo.
  4. Simplified deployment
  5. Functions in 3G, and Wi-Fi environments
There are many benefits of leveraging the Animetrics FaceR MobileID platform. The single biggest benefit is that an organization can put a fully-capable facial recognition identification solution directly in the hands of law enforcement, private security, Homeland Security, Civil Defense and military personnel or any other company that needs to be able to identify a person of interest. Given the ability to customize the GUI and application, FaceR MobileID can also deliver critical information directly to the device. This information can include information that is presently stored in various data sources such as public records, date of last offense outstanding warrants, etc.