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2D-3D Technology
2D-3D FACEngineŽ Model Generation
U.S. Patent number 7,643,685 Viewpoint Invariant image matching and generation of 3D models from 2D imagery, Issued January 5, 2010.History: 2004/01750939A1, Publication Date September 9, 2004.
Animetrics' 2D-3D FACEngine® technology is based on the technology of its founder and Chairman of the Board, Dr. Michael Miller. Dr. Miller is a recognized leader and pioneer in the fields of image understanding, pattern theory, computer vision, medical imaging. Dr. Miller is best known in scientific circles as the co-inventor of Computational Anatomy http://www.in-cites.com/scientists/DrMichaelIMiller.html, which uses mathematical algorithms to compute equations of motion that have been proven to accurately represent change and variation in biological structures. These equations generate realistic geometries, which can be used for recognition and identification purposes. Animetrics has 5 patent pending inventions which rely on 2D-3D FACEngine® avatar generation, and form the basis for the next generation of 3D FR applications and are incorporated into the products we currently have under development. Animetrics was the first company to come to market with fully 2D-3D enabled facial recognition solutions. Depicted in the Figure is an example of a 3D avatar at different aspects.