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Face Recognition Based on Setpose Geometric Normalization
2D-3D FACEngine® Face Recognition Performance Based on SetPose Geometric Normalization
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    Depicted in the Figure below is another leading non American vendor demonstration of the enhancement by the Animetrics 2D-3D FACEngine® facial search engine technology. The Animetrics enhancing technology was used via a normalization procedure in which the incoming probes are normalized to be front facing. The 2D face recognition solution of the vendor then solves the matching against the database. The Architecture of the Set-Pose normalization is depicted in the accompanying figure.

    The facial search engine is shown in the left. The performance enhancement associated with 2D-3D FACEngine® technology is depicted via the false-accept-rate curve versus false-reject-rate curve demonstrating a near factor of 10 decrease in performance at small false-accept-rates. The lower curve show a decrease in false-accept-rate from 50% to 5%.