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FaceR CredentialMe is based on Animetrics Patented 2D-3D FACEngineŽ Facial Recognition Technology, 2-factor authentication solution designed to protect and secure the critical data and applications deployed on the iPhone, Android based Smartphones, PDA, Blackberry or Windows-mobile devices. This simple solution allows a user to enable an additional layer of security for access to certain applications and data.
The Animetrics FaceR CredentialME service turns handsets into effective authentication devices, for most mobile operating systems, including iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, and Blackberry. It enables a handset to use Facial Recognition as a primary or 2 factor authentication when accessing resident or online services, such as enterprise email, corporate networks and mobile banking.
As mobile devices become the preferred way for communicating, banking, social networking and accessing rich media content, the need for enhanced logon and transaction security is greater than ever, FaceR CredentialMe provides enterprises and consumers the tools to access a cloud-based security solution built to provide protection against the criminal efforts of hackers, identity thieves and other unsavory individuals.
The application adds a layer of security to standard username and password authentication by requiring the user to take a picture of themselves with their mobile device. If, in the unlikely event that the user's face is not recognized by FaceR CredentialMe do to environmental conditions (e.g. lighting, sunglasses, etc.), the user can enter a unique CredentialMe password to gain access to secure applications and data.
Features and Functions

  1. Easy-to-use 2 factor authentication for apps and data
  2. Very specific for individual user. Multiple users can be enabled for access to various applications
  3. It is deployed in a SaaS model. No capital expense.
  4. Easy to set-up for an individual or an enterprise
  5. Functions in both 3G and Wi-Fi environments
Benefits of Product
  1. Added level of security FaceR CredentialMe offers. Although many users have a password to their phone, once the password is broken or entered, a user may be granted unauthorized rights to view applications or data.
  2. A simplified alternative to enforcing mandatory password changes on the wireless device.
  3. A secondary form of authentication, very similar to a token-based solution.