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Facial Identification Application - iFace

iFace is a facial identification application that leverages the iPhone's unique capabilities and innovative user interface. iFace is a native iPhone application using standard internet protocols to send facial imagery to the Animetrics Face Identity Management System (FIMS) server for face biometric processing. iFace has two primary functions: 1) as an interface to a biometrics identification system for use by security, including law enforcement, military and private security; and 2) as an entertaining "biometric game" assessing a person's similarity to popular celebrities and famous people.

As a security application iFace can be used for identifying "persons of interest" who are part of a watch list photo gallery database or identifying persons who are on an authorized list for confirmation of access. With the simplicity of the iPhone user interface, operators are able to quickly and easily capture high quality images of people for identification purposes. The MultiTouch interface of the iPhone enables users to isolate faces and provide virtual zooming, optimizing the identification capabilities of the FIMS server. The iPhone's integrated networking allows the use of standard protocols and a streamlined process for performing facial identification. The combination of the iPhone and Animetrics iFace offers new and powerful tools for a variety of mobile applications including shoplifting prevention, law enforcement and military security. iFace is currently undergoing evaluation by the national Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and DARPA for use by the military, receiving rave reviews for usability by military personnel.

iFaceDue to the network-centric architecture of the FIMS system, the iPhone can also be used as a client through a web-based user interface. This provides access to advanced FIMS functions including user enrollment and database management using the iPhone's integrated Safari Browser.

iFace Celebrity Edition provides a simple and entertaining new way to use your iPhone among friends. Animetrics advanced FIMS technology empowers iFace to match you to your most similar celebrity. The elegant simplicity of the iPhone makes this application both easy to use and very fun. It is a new way to share the power of iPhone amongst friends and family. The iFace output of the top celebrities who resemble your face will be popular among social networkers.

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